Medicine Curing Hot Sales Atomizing Drying Equipment Lab Spray Atomizer Spray Dryer

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Medicine Curing Hot Sales Atomizing Drying Equipment Lab Spray Atomizer Spray Dryer
特徴 ギャラリー 製品の説明 見積依頼
Type: Spray Drying Equipment
Application: Medicine Processing, Chemicals Processing, Food Processing, Liquid Powder
Condition: New
Place of Origin: Henan, China
ブランド名: GRT
Voltage: 220V/380V
Power: 20Kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 1.8*1.5*2.2m
Key Selling Points: Energy saving
Warranty: 1 Year
Weight (KG): 280
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Food & Beverage Shops
Showroom Location: None
Marketing Type: Hot Product 2021
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: Gear, Motor, Gearbox, PLC, Engine
Evaporation Capacity(kg/h): 10
Heating Method: Gas ,oil,,electeic ,steam Heating
Material: SUS304, Stainless Steel
Product name: Spray Dryer Machine
Color: Customized
Heating powe: 15 Kw
Rotation speed: 20000 r/min
Powder recovery: ≥95%
Tower diameter: 1300mm
Control method: Circuit centralized control(Control panel)
Inlet temperature: Can automatically controlled
After-sales Service Provided: Online support, Video technical support
After Warranty Service: Online support, Spare parts
Local Service Location: None
証明: CE
Place of Origin: Henan, China
ブランド名: GRT
証明: CE
Packaging Details: wooden case

Hot sales spray drying equipment laboratory spray dry atomizer spray dryer


Product Description


Description of spray dryer


After fresh air is filtered and heated, it enters into the air distributor which on the top of the drier. The hot air in spiral form equably enters into the drying room.When liquid raw material are passed through the high-speed centrifugal sprayer on the top of the tower, it will be rotated and sprayed into the extreme slim mist liquid beads. 
Raw material can be dried to the final products instantly while it contact with the heatedair.Finished products are discharged continuously from bottom of the drying tower and cyclones segregator. Wasted air is discharged from blower.


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Model Size

Tower body

Centrifugal spray atomizer

Materail Heating source



Φ50 mm

stainless steel








Φ80 mm

GLT-SP-50 4500×2800×5500mm



GLT-SP-100 5200×3500×6700mm Φ2700mm


GLT-SP-200 7500×6000×8000 Φ3200mm





Application of spray dryer


Chemical industry

Sodium fluoride (pqtassium), alkaline dyestuff and pigment, dyestuff intermediate, compound fertilizer, formic silicic acid, catalyst, sulphuric acid agent, amino acid, white carbon and so on.

Plastics and resin

AB, ABS emulsion, uric acid resin, phenolic aldehyde resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde resin, polythene, poly chloroprene, etc.

Food industry

Fatty milk powder, protein, cocoa milk powder, substitute milk powder, egg white (yolk), food and plant, oats, chicken juice, coffee, instant sissoluble tea, seasoning meat, protein, soybean, peanut protein, hydrolysate and so forth.


Features of spray drye machine


1.Finished products have high quality and purity, good uniformity,good flow capability and solubility advantages.
2.Simple and stable operation,convenient control and debugging,easy to achieve automatic operation.
3.Drying speed is rapid.When liquid raw material is atomized,the surface of the material will be enlarged greatly.In the hot airflow 95% - 98% of water can be evaporated instantly.time of completing the drying is several seconds.This is especially adapt to dry heating sensitive material.
4.Process of production is simple,it is an ideal choice for liquid material which contains 40%-90% of water and want to dry it to powder once,this type of machine can reduce the procedure of smash and sieve,the operational environment is superior,always clean,and under healthful condition,it also can avoid powder flying while drying. 

Other modes of spray dryer

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Company Information

Great Machinery Equipment (zhengzhou) Co., Ltd.

2007 sees the company growth and its business scope enlarge from drying machine to a complete production line, such as washing machine, cutting machine, and packaging machine. sales and service with total investment of 5 hundred million . We mainly supply a whole production chain of closely related machines, including, cleaning machine, stripping machine, drying machine and packing machine.


Contact us



1.Can I use this spray drying machine to extract some raw materials?
Yes, in order to help you better, we suggest you provide the name of the raw material you want to process.
2.Can I use my own raw materials for extraction test?
Yes, of course. We can do extraction tests and send videos and test reports for your reference.
3.Do you have OEM service? Do you provide parts?
Yes, we will, as long as you provide us with your drawings and detailed requirements.
4.How can we visit your factory?
You can fly to Zhengzhou airport, or if you arrive in Shanghai, you can tell us your specific location. We will arrange a driver to pick you up.
5.How to transport equipmen?
We usually choose sea transportation. Laboratory models can be shipped by air according to customer requirements.
6.What is the voltage of the equipment?
The equipment voltage is 380V, if the user requires 220V, the specific can be customized according to the voltage standard of the country where your equipment is used.
7.what is your after-sales service?
We provide the English manual of the equipment manual. If you need, we will send an engineer to install and train workers.

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